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Alan Brain Art Galleries Surrey. The artist's own Studio - Gallery near Woking

Alan Brain Art Gallery Studio Surrey nearWoking



These paintings have been purchased by private individuals, collectors and businesses within Europe, Australia and the USA.




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modern vibrant art a watercolour painting

modern vibrant art a watercolour painting

textured art in watercolour

unique style aviation paintings - evening approach

Alan Brain art presents this abstract painting with feeling - evening approach

Cutting Through acrylic painting in purple

art with special feel - awakening

abstract acrylic painting - Intake

deep perspective art encroachment

geometric paintings about flying

colourful abstract paintings inspired by Concorde

happy aviation painting

Happily Flying by Alan Brain. An abstract aviation art painting

Two paintings sold together

contemporary abstract painting by alan brain
letting go - painting geometric abstract

these three yellow paintings were sold as a triptych, they do look good together.


yellow abstract painting - solitary

yellow abstract painting

these six aviation paintings were sold to aid Aerobility a charity that helps disabled people to fly

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evocative artwork for saleour Encroachment II

contemporary artwork instilling a sense of intrusion into a beautiful place

imaginative art desert interstate junction

Colourful imaginative painting inspired by Arizona . By alan brain

calming abstract painting old orange

calming painting in old orange


Different aviation Picture - Glide Slope

dramatic aviation art final approach II

These abstract landscapes look stunning in the home or office. You can buy similar paintings the tab Different Abstract Paintings For Sale

This one is called "Delta" and was purchased by a collector at the Farnham Annual Art Show

unusual aviation painting No traffic

aviationart that has feeling

powerful acrylic abstract figure art Frank

Frank! is it Sinatra? a mysterious acrylic figure painting

You can see all my paintings that are for sale starting with original paintings for sale


I sold these three to one person, he has them on display in his office.


And I have to say...


They do look stunning!

My sojourn into Oriental art. I do love the flow of these

And finally some more "hat" paintings

vibrancy and colour make Rush

Abstract Figures in Orange Setting

This is the last but one  "Hat Painting" I did, there are more for sale in Abstract Figures

Spanish figure painting , abstract Senor!

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