red and blue paintings

 Painting with one colour, red and blue paintings thus far.


To use one colour in a painting is challenging to me. I want the emotion to be created by the single hue in a simple design. Concentrating on red and blue paintings is teaching me a lot about shades and tints and realising (yet again) how important shapes are to my type of painting. Reds and blues are my choices so far and red is by far the more challenging. Take a look and tell me what you think (in the comments box at the end of the post), I really appreciate all constructive comments…


red painting

simple red and simple shapes make this red painting


You can see I have added some texture in the art above to animate the shapes, for some reason it did not seem necessary in the next one even though it is a similar design…


powerful abstract painting Red Room

red painting one colour only




Now to try the same design (composition) in blue…



dynamic abstract painting Blue Room

I just had to add more shapes, without them the content (feeling) was lost.

Now to try a different design…


stillness in blue watercolour painting

stillness. blue watercolour art by alan brain as part of an experiment in painting with one colour.


No need to add more shapes but I did add a little texture in the bottom right (oh and my signature of course). anyway… I had better try it in red! Watch this space 🙂

Okay I have yet to do the one above in red, but here is another red painting. I did it in Taos New mexico, it is the Dawning of War


dawning of war


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  1. carol

    I like these, keep going and keep us posted. You have given me an idea for some photos I took of Tumacacori Mission several years ago but could never figure out what I wanted to do with them on canvas.

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