Polluting our Planet – making it visible through art

Polluting our planet...

is what we have been doing for 250 years or so since the start of the Industrial Revolution.


We now know the consequences, for example, the Great Barrier Reef is all but destroyed and we can predict quite accurately the future impact which is bad for us all - severe weather, floods, drought etc.


 All of the world leaders signed up for controlling Co2 gas in 2016, what a wonderful achievement! but one major player, the USA, has reversed its policy and is now encouraging the mining of coal (the worst polluter) for example. So polluting our planet continues.


I am protesting my way through my paintings, I am building a series. You can see here those I have painted so far. Please comment if you wish to (I really want to hear what you have to say). Use the comments box at the end of the blog please, it is better than Facebook because they are saved and can been seen by others in the future.


Thank you.

My paintings about polluting our planet began in a frivolous way. I was not really aware that it affected me deeply as I figure it does most of us.

 Simply called "pollution" I enjoyed creating the almost happy shapes and adding a lot of colour. It was the beginning of my journey

colourful abstract paintings - pollution

surreal paintings painting pollution

This one, the second painting just sorta flowed. I had no intention of using all that red at the start but as it grew I figured only one colour could say what I wanted - red!


Only when I was finishing it did I sense some surrealism. I have always shunned surrealism, Dahli never appealed and I think gave surrealism a bad name, but if it works then I am a surrealist! 


I have called this painting "Consequences" 

Oh my red again! I have to say I just loved painting this one, sometimes I felt as if I was not in control particularly as the big red shape began to take the form of a foot...


the title then became obvious...


"Carbon Footprint"


Surrealism is here again, do I care? No I am loving it!

surreal art about polluting our planet

Now I am getting serious about creating a series of paintings and painted this one quick and dirty style - that is always refreshing when you get serious 🙂


pollution art - engulfed, nearly 


It worked ( for me anyway) and surrealism is right up there with the tap in the sky.

So I developed the idea and painted this one...



I think I may have got carried away, I sorta prefer the quick and dirty one


global warming paintings - self destruction - a surreal example in watercolour

Self Destruction. That seems like an apt title and the fact that it is surreal adds emphasis to the nonsense that is believed in The White House.

That's it for now, more to come  🙂 

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  1. Alan,
    Loving your ideas, concepts and new direction in your work. Surrealism suits you well, it actually depicts what you are trying to get across without be to literal. The red footprint is quite wonderful, I lenjoyed seeing the drawing and then seeing how you developed it into a painting.

  2. Kathy Gibson

    Alan, this is such an exciting series you are developing!The emotion you paint with resonates so deeply with me!It will be thrilling to see the work to come!!

    • Thank you Kathy

      • Kathy Gibson

        You have INSPIRD me! I just am working on the first piece that puts the ” feel” of this very contentious political climate in the States at the moment.So , like you… RED!( color.. not political affiliation).Thanks for the spark!

  3. Val Yeboah

    Very powerful and also beautiful.

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