Paintings about Pollution


We have been polluting our environment for 250 years or so since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Back then we had no idea of the damage we would do but we know now. Our very existence as a species is in jeopardy - this view is underwritten by the world's leaders and articulated by respected experts such as David Attenborough. But still our political leaders are slow to act, indeed one world leader of a vital nation is in denial.

I am protesting my way through my paintings, I am building a series simply called Paintings about Pollution. You can see here those I have painted so far. I try to explain my journey and inspiration along the way. Each painting is different but they are all motivated by my aim to make pollution of our planet - the effects - visible. Please comment if you wish to.

My paintings about polluting our planet began in a frivolous way. I was not really aware that it affected me deeply as I figure it does most of us.

 Simply called "pollution" I enjoyed creating the almost happy shapes and adding a lot of colour. It was the beginning of my journey.

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This one, the second painting just sorta flowed. I had no intention of using all that red at the start but as it grew I figured only one colour could say what I wanted - red!


Only when I was finishing it did I sense some surrealism. I have always shunned surrealism, Dali never appealed and I think gave surrealism a bad name, but if it works then I am a surrealist!  

I called this painting "Consequences"

Oh my red again! I have to say I just loved painting this one, sometimes I felt as if I was not in control particularly as the big red shape began to take the form of a foot... 

the title then became obvious... 

"Carbon Footprint" 

Surrealism is here again, do I care? No I am loving it!

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This one is just packed with symbols and a sense of surrealism as the big red shape engulfs a city. I did enjoy painting it but the finished painting scares me as it is so real.

This painting is inspired by the same thing as the previous one - oil devouring our world. The large shape is reminiscent of a damaged butterfly and the large red circle is the burning sun

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"At Your Peril" I painted this just as Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord to join Nicaragua and Syria in denial of global warming.

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