original paintings for sale UK artist. Buy authentic art

only original paintings for sale UK artist Alan Brain.  Buy authentic art, these thought provoking paintings are unique and unrepeatable


Enjoy these genuine original paintings for sale directly from UK artist Alan Brain. Unique genuine art created from the artist's imagination that are thought provoking and enigmatic. Guaranteed original art, there are no copies.


Originality begins with an idea and in the case of painting, transferred to paper or canvas - it reveals something that has never been seen before, something unique and valuable. These genuine original paintings ensure the experience that the artist intended.

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original paintings for sale UK artist Alan Brain



What is “original” art?…  Original paintings are truly unique and developed by the artist’s own idea and created in their own way. Buy authentic art, you will never have seen it before and you will not see copies. I am Alan brain UK artist and that is what happens when you buy my art. You will own a genuine original painting that is guaranteed authentic art. It is my own idea, my unique thought provoking creation, not a fashionable trendy painting that is just like all those others, or a close, thinly disguised replica of someone else’s work. I paint my way not for the marketplace but for the individual who appreciates originality.


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