Leatherhead Art Society Evening

A couple of nights ago I did a talk at Leatherhead Art Society on Inspiration...

here is a summary of my notes

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Leatherhead Art Society. Tue. 16th. Sep 2014



The essential for every artist.


What inspires us?

Life’s Experiences. Our paintings are all inside us, we just have to find them.




Look inside yourself
What are you PASSIONATE about?
What excites you What angers you
What you love What you hate (who you love/hate)

Have the Feeling Drive Your Painting not the method
Great method/technique does not create Great paintings

Imagine your paintbrush is attached to your centre of emotions





HOW do I paint with feeling?

You are painting things now. You are painting – some thing
You are striving to improve your method/technique
Change your drivers–
... let technique take care of itself for a while
...Paint how you feel about something
...Don’t paint what you see but how you feel about what you see


And Simplify

Think of just three things when you come to paint some-thing
FEELING what feeling? Am I excited?
SHAPES what shapes do I want for the feelings I want?
COLOUR what colours do I want for the feelings I want?



What are the Rewards?


Paintings that feel good to you – they are satisfying
You have found your inspiration, and it will And last
A certain calmness inside through knowing “This is what I really want to do – it is mine. The anxiety of not knowing and looking for someone to tell you what to do is gone


You will create your own personal painting
You are not not adding to “millions of “good ones”
Yours will stand out from those others



And paint that feeling until the wheels fall off


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