The Guild of Aviation Artists – good to be part of it with my Different Aviation Paintings

The Guild of Aviation Artists and Alan Brain Artist

The Guild of Aviation Artists have helped me create different aviation art as you can see from these examples...

geometric artwork - target

unique style aviation paintings - evening approach

Alan Brain art presents this abstract painting with feeling - evening approach

happy aviation painting

Happily Flying by Alan Brain. An abstract aviation art painting




The show is over!

but I am so pleased where they put my paintings -




aviation art at Guild of Aviation exhibition in mall gallery london

the three paintings at The Mall Gallery


I joined the Guild of Aviation Artists years ago  to paint aircraft as any aviation nut like me who loves to paint would do.

It was a great time but my paintings were becoming too abstract to be recognised as aviation art, so I left.

Recently in some of my paintings flying has reappeared. Maybe it is because my studio is on an airfield 🙂 I happily rejoined and submitted some of my stuff to the annual exhibition - they were all accepted!

Here they are...

Guild of Aviation Artists Climb Out contemporary abstract painting

G.Av.A Annual Show flying art different aviation art climb out

Guild of Aviation Artists aviation art final approach II

modern painting about final approach to runway 13

Guild of Aviation Artists Night Arrival

Guild of Aviation different aviation art

Here is a new one...

Abstract Aviation art glide slope

Different aviation Picture - Glide Slope




The story unfolds...


My life began under the wing of a Lancaster bomber, I was born later close to an airfield and one way or another I have always lived in proximity to aircraft apart from one sojourn to Japan in my early years. So no wonder then that I love all things aeronautical and it seems inevitable that as an artist, I would paint such things.

Painting aircraft started back in 1994. I soon joined those magnificent men and women who love to paint aircraft too in the Guild of Aviation Artists. It was simply great to be part of the Guild and go to airfields and museums normally out of bounds to folk, to paint what I loved. I was encouraged, prompted and learnt so much from my like minded friends. here is some of the work I did in those early days...


aviation art Fairy Swordfish

Fairy Swordfish

aviation art heron

De hav Heron


aviation art Set me Free!

Set me Free!


aviation art Vulcan

aviation art Vulcan




















Oh, and sometimes we would change the subject...


Ol' blue eyes painting of car

Ol' Blue Eyes




This was the last one I did with the Guild apart from the recent work...


painting of aircraft boss

Painted at Imperial war Museum



















And then there was a gap until a year ago...

My paintings were changing. I was becoming more interested in the feeling I could create in my work than the actual object, in this case aeroplanes. I wanted to explore other things so I did and thought that I had left aviation behind me - Boy was I wrong! "Flying" kept on appearing in my art. My paintings were not aircraft but what excites me about them and as a pilot I was not surprised when aerial views started to appear.

So I took another look at my current work and thought again of the Guild but would they accept my now very abstract depiction of aviation? I put three in for the 2013 annual exhibition and to my delight they were all accepted. I am pleased for myself of course but also pleased that the Guild is open to non representational art as abstract as mine - Congratulations to them!


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  1. Hazel Stone

    Hi Alan,

    I enjoyed seeing your more representational paintings. I did spot a typo that you might like to correct. On this page, almost at the end, you have non represetitive and I think you want nonrepresetational or less representative. I am by nature a “proof reader” so please forgive me for adding my correction thoughts.

    I like the painting you did remembering your friend. How nice that his son looked you up. He will love the painting. I think you are entering the “Symbolism Stage” where I find myself so often in my paintings.

    I like reading your thoughts about painting and your paintings. This makes me think that I would like to do something with more text when I do my next website. I have heard that artists don’t have to explain their paintings, that the paintings should speak for themselves. That is true to an extent, but I have found that people do like to know about the motivation for a painting. With my symbolism, I feel that those are my thoughts, my personal icons for something, so I don’t feel that I need to explain them.

    I really should get to painting, rather than just talking about it! I have too many things going.

    Have a good day.

    Hazel Stone

    • Hazel
      thank you for spotting my error. I am finding this website design which encourages exchanges very worthwhile. and like you believed the paintind said all, folk want to know some background and more about the artist i now know, so I tell them 🙂

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