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Every Thursday I teach art, I love it not least because I learn so much. I paint differently to my usual approach to illustrate particular points. The results are normally discarded but this time after some encouragement by the students I decided to work on a couple of paintings in my studio. I am so pleased I did, I had so much fun and broadened my approach some – can’t be bad!

Here are two paintings I finished in my studio later…


vibrancy and colour make Rush

Abstract Figures in Orange Setting





I just loved getting the energy into this painting. It looked very different in earlier versions; I used rollers, scrapers, blue paint and allsorts before I added polyfilla to give me texture. Then I rolled on some orange watercolour – it began to say something interesting to me so I continued. Having used so much paint I just had to finish it!





abstract figure painting Introspection

watercolour and texture in the painting called Introspection



This one finished up discarded on the floor more than once, the dog even walked over it with his muddy paws. It was dull and a bit slapdash but it sorta had something – that certain feeling I aspire to in all my “serious” work. Anyway with a bit of careful colour and tone  adjustments, it became presentable. Maybe I should get Charlie (my dog) to sign it too 🙂

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  1. Hi Allan,

    I love “Abstract Figures In Orange Setting, I am curious to the use of polyfilla-doesn’t it crack when applied thick I use an Acrylic texture paste which wont crack as I don’t like the cracked effect but perhaps that is why you use it for that effect.


    • Hi Linda,
      I have been using polyfilla or similar stuff for about 9 months now, it has not cracked and seems okay on the paper still. That does not mean it won’t crack of course – ugh! I hope not
      Cheers, Alan

  2. Hi Alan,

    It’s nice to see these again, thanks. They have very different feelings. The first seems joyful, like friends meeting happily at the top of their game!

    The second one has a sad message for me, with two sets of footprints running through the left side. The figure at the right seems entombed in the back angular shape but the top is removed. The figure is almost like a question mark. The red line seems to present a definite separation.

    Let me know if I am seeing them like you do. I wonder if you are missing your friend.

    I need to get back to painting. I have missed a couple of months because of various reasons. I managed to get an important group exhibition scheduled for early next year, so I must get busy and do some amazing work! That’s not making too big a thing of it is it?

    All the best, HS

    • Hi Hazel,

      thank you or your comments. we all read paintings differently and the overlaps where people see it similarly can be few. Yes joy and (not really) sadness separate these two but the rest is up to the viewer to figure out their way. Your goal next year will motivate you I feel sure, let me see your amazing work – let it flow.

  3. Yvonne Baker

    Abstract figures in orange setting ~ really like this one. Pollyfilla? I guess time will tell. Liked the less structured feel of the painting. Yvee

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