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fly with these uplifting abstract paintings. aviation art with a difference.


These aviation paintings are different. They capture the feeling of flying such as exhilaration of the the take off, the quiet and awesome views from the window as you travel, and the expectation of the arrival. Unusually abstracted to make this aviation art different to any you have seen before.


original art Aerobatics - paintings that capture the feeling of flying


And they capture some of the experiences for a student pilot. Such as being low on final approach which can be exhilarating as well as dangerous. Lift that wing, watch your height! these are familiar comments from instructor to student; that excitement is captured in these different aviation art paintings.


These  flying paintings are different to most aviation art. They take you into the aeroplane rather than to describe the aeroplane to you. They allow you to link with how it feels to fly not to observe someone else flying. I call it abstract aviation art and I use imaginative vibrant colour and unusual shapes, anything in fact, to create the feeling in the painting in the way I want to.


All the paintings are for sale and guaranteed original genuine works of art. I will return your money if you are not entirely satisfied and shipping is free worldwide. You can see these paintings and more in my studio in Dorset. I have been a member of Guild of Aviation Artists who welcomed my different aviation art at their annual exhibition in 2013.


Buy the art online or visit my Studio in Dorset UK. Shipping is free of charge worldwide. Paintings are guaranteed original. Money back Guarantee.


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Alan Brain has been an artist for over twenty years, he was previously a pilot and instructor. His love of aviation is clear in his abstract artwork. The endless space and amazing colours show in his art as does the excitement of flying such as the final approach to land – a challenging time for any aviator

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