Art Tuition

Highcliffe Dorset BH23 5HW

Get Heart into Your Art!


release your creativity and paint what your really want to paint

one to one tuition, art classes and workshops arranged to suit you

studio space provided

What level should I be at?

It doesn't matter. The lessons will be tailored to suit your experience and goals

What medium will I use?

What ever you prefer or wish to experiment with. Most students use a water based medium such as watercolour. If so I will encourage the use of the paint to release all its properties from transparent to opaque. 

Pernhaps you want to try using gesso? or scraping? or...? Anything goes the objective is to make the mark you want

How long will I need?

sometimes just one session will set you on course but a series of lessons shows real results - between three and six.

Students often come back for a critique and refresher which are normally done within two hours

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course. If your friend has different requirements than I will tailor each differently - but you learn too from your friend's experiences.

I have two separate studios so two students are easily accommodated.

If you wish to arrange a workshop that is easily done for up to six students.


What is the goal?

 To paint the way you really want to paint. The aim is to have you creating personal individual paintings and feeling really inspired to do so.

Painting skills and technique are important but the focus is on finding and learning the skills that you in particular need to paint your own way.


painting is creating and creating is about thinking new thoughts triggering new ideas

How much does it cost?

For an hour long critique I charge £25. For a full day of tuition it's £50.

If there are two students a full day costs £75 total 

What do I need to bring?

Just an open mind, a fairly good idea of what you want to achieve, and enthusiasm.

You are likely to have your painting kit so bring that, anything else you need I will supply.

If you are a beginner then just bring yourself, I will provide all that you need


How is the course structured?

It begins with you sharing your thoughts on where you want to be with me. It is a vital first step. Then some teaching about the elements of a painting normally concentrating on colour and shapes. These sessions are short with talk, demonstrations and handouts.

Then you paint. We discuss your painting and add other tuition on the elements (eg texture, line, value). 

And the you paint some more, and so on

As we work together I get an increasing understanding of your direction, we will discuss that a lot so that it is clear for you

It is exciting for the student and me to see those individual paintings emerging. 


How do the workshops work?

up to six students can be accommodated at a time and the workshop can be between one and five days.

Please enquire about the cost and timing.

Will I learn to paint like you?

No! so much art tuition is about the tutor. My teaching is about you the artist. You will learn from my knowledge and approach but you will maintain your individuality. 

Paintings for sale directly from the artist - Alan Brain Art

I love to paint, I love to teach and I feel lucky that I have managed to do both for a good part of my life. I discovered art about 25 years ago and decided then that I must paint. ten years later I started to teach with the object of helping painters to find their OWN way to paint, not my way or indeed anyone's way, simply their way. And it is as pleasing to me now as much as ever - releasing individuality -  it's just wonderful!

Please text, call or email me for booking details            07941 562162   [email protected]