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Personal art classes and art workshops at the artists studio in Highcliffe Dorset. One to one painting lessons and personal art workshops to help you find your own painting style. Arranged to suit your own schedule with professional art teacher Alan Brain.


Give me a call on 07941 562 162 or contact me to arrange a free discussion on what you would like to achieve and how we can make that happen. Then arrange art lessons to suit your own schedule.

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art tuition inDorset, painting in acrylic and watercolour

I provide personal art lessons from my studio in Highcliffe Dorset

I can come to you if you wish


And I do tailored one to one workshops where you have your own studio


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art tuition in Dorset by alan brain

Painting is about uninhibited creativity and that is what I aim to inspire into my students.

We need to know how to paint for sure, but we have the freedom to create whatever we want to and this can be easily overlooked and even forgotten. To paint with feeling, to find your passion and express it on paper or canvas, or anything else for that matter, is simply wonderful.


Get heart into your art!

- move beyond painting those predictable subjects and explore new ideas. Learn to paint with feeling. Find your own way to create personally satisfying paintings. make your own expression.

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find your painting style

Painting is a way to release individual creativity. The paint, the paper and brushes are all tools. The feeling in a painting comes from within the artist and it is this captured emotion that sets the artwork apart, making it individual personal and interesting. My aim through my art tuition is to help painters craft truly personal paintings that are satisfying and rewarding to them.


Here's how it works...

Examples of paintings that engage you are viewed to discuss why and how it was achieved.

Your own personal goals are identified and clarity emerges on what and how you want to paint as the tuition proceeds.  Individuality is key. Experimentation is the norm.

How paintings are made, what tools are used, are examined in stages



Difficulties with the use of watercolour can inhibit creativity. The tutor shows how to apply the paint directly to overcome this problem. Pure colour, blended colour and muted colour are all explored to create the desired result.





Many art courses teach how to copy trees, barns, buildings, clouds, etc. The tutor explains how to see them as shapes not objects, and to use shapes of all kinds to create an emotion.


Not every artist wants to use colour. Shades of grey and darks against lights can create some powerful feelings, these are examined.


How repeated shapes with colour or tones can delight and enhance a painting is explored.


painting makes me come alive

a great example of Calligraphy!

The use of meaningful words can be a powerful addition to a painting, this often overlooked tool is examined.


Simple or complex lines can be the way to create what is wanted. A single line (vapour trail) across a blue sky or a tangle of lines (girders in a building) can produce clear feelings.


The tactile sense can readily be used to create an emotion.



These are the main tools that atists use to create their painting.  By examining each one separately you will find which ones suit you and what mix is right for you.

The goal is for students to finish the course knowing they can find what they really want to paint and to go forward confidently on their own personal artistic journey.


As painters we learn a lot about how to paint and that is obviously important; we need some skills and knowledge to paint. But in my art teaching experience, I have found that the "how" becomes the goal and success is seen as another painting just like the last one but maybe a little better executed. Many art courses lose sight of the true goal, the why we paint, it is to create your own individual painting.

My courses look at the "why" of painting . Why am I drawn to that old tree rather than the big house I am supposed to want to paint? Many of us have asked similar questions of ourselves. These courses dwell on the why and explore personal inspirations. Regarding the how? you will add new skills to your toolbox and perhaps be aware that some tools you have are not really for you anymore.

Painting should be creating and creating is about thinking new thoughts. Triggering new ideas.

For painters of any technical standard who wish to explore and find their own inspirations and to make art that is truly their own.


A lot of painters think they should be "advanced"  to come on one of my art courses - Not true!  They work for anyone provided they have an open mind, like to experiment, and relate to creating personal work.

You can work in any medium but generally oils are not too welcome with some students because of the fumes. Watercolour has its own challenge for many, it did for me, and I encourage students to use it positively and directly. Most love it but if you want to stay with the traditional way of applying watercolour then my courses may not be for you.

Bring an open mind, an open heart and be prepared to learn and have fun 🙂

How well you paint now is not important. You just need to be open minded and willing to try new things.

I structure the lessons for the painter concentrating on their individual goal and needs. One session can be beneficial to some but typically a personal course has about six sessions and each session lasts about 2 hours.

Location: My studio in Highcliffe Dorset or I can come to you


Price £25 per hour

Please enquire


One to One workshops are available too lasting from one to six days with your own studio.


Learn to apply watercolour with authority, cast aside all those rules - there are no watercolour police!

Your Own Workshop 

One to One tuition

Own Studio provided

From two to six days as you decide

bring a friend if you like

Tuition in the morning, paint in the afternoon or as long as you like

Continual review on your progress and frequent critiques

Final Review and Goal Setting


Bring a friend, you will both have individual tuition and studios

Highcliffe, Dorset. Enjoy the scenery and sea when not painting

Local Accommodation available


Price: £100 per day for one, £150 per day for two



You can always call me on...

+44 (0) 7941 562 162

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