Alan Brain Art Newsletter Winter 2015 /16

alan brain art newsletter

alan brain art newsletter


What's been going on at Alan Brain Art?




Shows, events, auction bid opportunity, some new paintings and a look into 2016 


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... All these paintings sold at the Aerobility auction


Bid now for these three paintings!...


Closing of the bids is at midnight on Saturday 28th November. All proceeds go to Aerobility the organisation that gets disabled people flying.


Click on any of the three images opposite to make your bid


You can also bid for a free art lesson from your's truly  🙂  click here


The live auction will continue at the Aerobility Ball on Saturday 28th. November at the Sofitel Heathrow. 



Aerobility is an amazing outfit based at Blackbushe airport, click the image below to visit them









dramatic aviation art final approach II


Different aviation Picture - Glide Slope



My paintings of war continue (click here to see the series so far) and a selection of them was exhibited at The Crypt Gallery in London...


It was damp, gloomy in parts, a little cold and I swear haunted - the natural home for artwork on death.




 Click Here to see images of the exhibition at The Crypt Gallery earlier this year.


The curator Adelinda Allegretti, is planning a similar event in 2016 and I will be organising an exhibition to commemorate the Battle of the Somme anniversary in July 2016, one hundred years on from the worst military campaign this country has ever undertaken.






dialogue with death logo



My paintings over the last few months have been driven as usual by strong emotion.  A phrase I heard recently really resonated...


"Representational paintings without passion are descriptive, abstract paintings without passion are decorative"


with the punch line...


And It Shows!



Here is some of my recent artwork...




The Power of Yellow


Yellow is considered a weak colour when compared to say reds oranges and blues, it is not necessarily true but a good challenge to an artist to get true emotion in predominantly yellow paintings. Click on the image to see examples...


yellow abstract painting - solitary



Using symbols in a painting can be a very powerful (or misleading) way to make your message. In these I used an abstracted bird... click on the image below for examples...




Very Recent 


And a collection of very recent paintings. I have just been painting with friends in Maryland and maybe something shifted my art some...















Geometric art Farewell




unique aviation paintings - evening approach


I hope we all have a safe winter and I will send you another newsletter when there is more to tell you ...


and as usual, if you would rather not have this newsletter just let me know and I will take you off the list


Best wishes



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