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I've Moved!



Now in Highcliffe, Dorset, BH23 5HW  UK . presently having the garage converted to two studios with space to display paintings. No change to my phone number...


07941 562 162 

I've been accepted as a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour


Yes, I could put CSPWC after my name now, I don't think I will in fact I am sure I won't, but is is an honour and an achievement, I am delighted to have been accepted. I intend to be an active member and will be helping to organise an exhibition here in the UK.

Here is the latest painting accepted and on show now at the John B Aird Gallery in Toronto ...



The shirt and the painting are not related 🙂 


I seem to be doing well in Canada, I have just exhibited with the Society of Canadian Artists at their annual open. Here is the painting...


shades of yellow painting - coming out


It is called "Coming Out" and no it has nothing to do with my orientation 🙂


And I am exhibiting again in a Toronto Gallery - Latitude 44...


geometric abstract paintings - my way  


Painting of calm quiet lonesome town





Aerobility is an amazing outfit based at Blackbushe airport.  I support them as a charity by donating pieces for auction at their annual ball. They raised nearly £2000 last year and I hope to double that this year. Details of the auction will soon be online and then you can bid online if you wish to.





Get ready to bid! 


imaginative art desert interstate junction
different abstract aviation art final approach


calming abstract painting old orange

evocative artwork for saleour Encroachment II



Resting place original abstract painting

I teach those who listen that genuine personal paintings are the only ones that are really worthwhile unless you want to entertain an audience or chase sales. So how personal have I got this year? 

My mother died recently, I just had to paint how I felt about that. My sister Liz and I were truly well looked after, I hope it shows...



>>> mother>>>





I feel strongly about this too ?.


The whole world, apart from two very small countries, was for a while united. We had one common threat, global warming.

Now the major power on the planet has rejected the rest of the world and will revert to a polluting industrial atmosphere.

I just had to paint how I feel about that. I have painted a series that illustrate the effect. It's all in the post opposite, just click on the image to read it as you wish.


surreal art about polluting our planet

My paintings over the last few months have shifted some. I am no longer obsessed with strong geometric shapes and I am enjoying the fluidity of line and exploring edges, all with one purpose...


To say what I want to say!


some recent artwork...




feelings in art

surreal feeling in art

abstract figure painting - dilemma

abstract painting with that certain feeling


I hope we all have a safe winter and I will send you another newsletter when there is more to tell you ...


and as usual, if you would rather not have this newsletter just let me know and I will take you off the list


Best wishes