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Please enjoy this collection of modern surreal paintings. Each one is created with the intent of engaging with you the viewer in a way that is not always possible to describe with words.  

abstract-painting-watercolour -screen

surrealism by uk artist alan brain - bloody exit

modern surrealism. a new painting from alan brain - flying II

abstract art ~ pieces a watercolour painting

abstract art painting in watercolour

paintings by the artist who ships anywhere free of charge

contemporary abstract watercolours

abstract paintings with feeling -goals

contemporary abstract art emergence

Paintings are for sale between £450 and £750 depending on the size. The price includes framing.If you prefer unframed then reduce the price by £150

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new abstract artwork

abstract painting with that certain feeling

new surreal paintings for sale - Toppling/>_

surreal art_

contemporary surreal paintings- high dive

surrealism today - waft

a surreal painting from uk artist - warm fun

Abstract Paintings For Sale  

Modern art is essentially non traditional. Contemporary abstract paintings can be funky and unusual or just plain different and unconventional. Frequently based on aspects of life in the 20th and 21st centuries the art can shock, calm, intrigue, mystify and even bore you which is surprising as there are so many things to paint about in our lives today. I attempt in all my artwork to capture a feeling that would be difficult possibly impossible to express in words. My art vocabulary is unusual shapes, colour whether muted or bold but always vibrant, texture, line and tone. I paint for you, the viewer, to interest you and have you interpret the mood as you will. Contemporary abstract paintings with “That Certain Feeling” Buy directly from the artist


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