abstract paintings – no recognisable shapes but lots of that “certain feeling” –

abstract painting with that certain feeling


Abstract paintings are the opposite of realism. In abstract painting shapes and colours are changed, sometimes the shapes are recognisable still but sometimes an artist will deliberately avoid anything that can be recognised - this is called non objective painting. Even the title can be so bland as to give no clue as to what the painting is about. This abstract painting is called Brown and red. It has no shapes you can truly identify. Paintings like this one have to have a feeling within them if they are going to be interesting. It may not be possible to articulate the feeling but we know it is there. That is why I love the phrase "that certain feeling"

brown and green an abstract painting with that certain feeling

abstract painting with that certain feeling

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abstract painting with that certain feeling

original signed painting


watercolour on paper

33 cm x 44 cm

15 in x 20 in



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