abstract figure paintings for sale. contemporary figure art to excite your imagination

abstract figure paintings - the powerful human form - exciting contemporary figure art

powerful imaginative abstract figure paintings for sale in this online gallery. Enjoy contemporary figure art that holds a particular feeling for you to engage with. Consider the shapes and form and interpret the body language if you can.

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abstract figure paintings – the powerful human form – exciting contemporary figure art


The human form (shape) is probably one of the most painted subjects, why is that? Through our lives we spend a lot of time looking at people; our friends, relations, colleagues, strangers. We look closely at their facial expression and body language as part of the communicative process. We see every emotion in the figures, love, hate, worry, sympathy, jealousy, antipathy, caution and many more. We assess the person’s emotional state so we can respond accordingly. Artists like me want to capture that emotion so that the painting communicates with you the viewer. I do not represent the figure accurately but abstract it to capture the essence – a mixture of expression and body language. I use imaginative geometrical shapes and colour together with some passive shapes and muted hues all with just one purpose – to capture that certain feeling. The result is I hope, a powerful abstract figure painting for you to ponder over and wonder why it draws you.


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