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That Certain Feeling

original abstract paintings for sale directly from the UK artist


new surreal paintings


surrealism together with minimalism is a recent experience

modern surrealism. a new painting from alan brain - lightness_
abstract paintings with feeling -breaking out
a surreal painting from uk artist - screen

geometric paintings


geometric shapes, angles and clean lines identify the artist's work

modern vibrant art Joy
Geometrical artwork for sale UK - power drive
abstract-geometric-painting called passing freight

aviation abstract art Aerobatics - paintings that capture the feeling of flying

abstract aviation art

Quiet calm desert abstract art - Lonesome Town

abstract desert art

Contemporary war paintings ww1 danger tree

war paintings


about the artist

 I am Alan Brain, contemporary abstract artist and art tutor.

Alan Brain artist and art teacher Surrey UK

I just love to paint. It is what I do and who I am. I want to make visible through my work emotions that I cannot express in words, that is why I paint.

Through my art I explore how I feel about what I see. I use my imagination to build shapes and colours that will express the emotion visibly. It is my passion.

I often surprise myself and sometimes scare myself but it is never dull. I like the extremes and I have no place for mediocrity –

Life is Too Short!

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art classes in Dorset.

Painting is about uninhibited creativity and that is what I aim to inspire into my students by personal one to one art classes in my studio in Highcliffe Dorset.


We need to know how to paint for sure, but we have the freedom to create whatever we want to and this can be easily overlooked and even forgotten. To paint with feeling, to find your passion and express it on paper or canvas, or anything else for that matter, is simply wonderful and I can help you to do that.


art lessons dorset -abstract-geometric-painting called passing freight

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I live in Dorset in U.K. where I have my  art studio . Visitors are welcome almost any time and you can view my finished art together with work in progress. I am an art teacher too and give  one to one tuition  and  painting workshops  at my studio



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Alan Brain Art
maker of original abstract paintings
passionate feelings in paintings, true expressions

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