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... That Certain Feeling

...I am a professional artist creating original paintings... You buy the art directly from the artist... All artwork is guaranteed in writing to be original authentic and unique... Paintings are shipped worldwide with free delivery... I can deliver personally, just ask... Returns are fully refundable... I can supply paintings professionally framed ready for hanging... You can see my art for real in my gallery in Surrey near London...And I will be delighted to see you - please call first +44 (0) 7941 562 162...

about alan brain artist and teacher

Hi! I am Alan Brain, I just love to paint. It is what I do and who I am. I want to make visible through my work that “certain feeling”. It is an emotion that I cannot express in words, that is why I paint, otherwise I would have been a writer :)

Alan Brain contemporary artist and art tutor Surrey UK

Through my art I explore how I feel about what I see. I use my imagination to build shapes and colours that will express the emotion visibly. It is my passion. I often surprise myself and sometimes scare myself but it is never dull. I like the extremes and I have no place for mediocrity – Life is too Short! 

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one to one art tuition – find your own way to paint

Painting is about uninhibited creativity and that is what I aim to inspire into my students.


We need to know how to paint for sure, but we have the freedom to create whatever we want to and this can be easily overlooked and even forgotten. To paint with feeling, to find your passion and express it on paper or canvas, or anything else for that matter, is simply wonderful.


Painting is a way of releasing a person’s individual creativity and to produce personally inspired art that is truly satisfying – I want my students to do that, I can help with that.

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"...powerful different original abstract paintings to make you pause and wonder... "

 The emotion in the painting is always personal and words may not be enough to describe thet feeling it evokes. To me painting is a powerful way to communicate which can exceed my vocabulary. I create visible feelings that cannot be descried properly with words. My art has been described as calming, quiet, still, mysterious, uplifting, disturbing, imaginative unusual and intriguing. But it is up to you to decide. I want you to connect with my art and make your own interpretation, to have the art communicate with you personally. You can see the artwork here online or visit my open studio gallery in Surrey near London; or I can bring it to you if that is a practical option. You can buy my art online now, or rent a piece or two for your home or office. Anything is possible, just ask me.

Why abstract? … Some paintings, usually called figurative, describe something. They usually remind us of places we have seen or people we have known.  Other paintings we call abstracts, do not necessarily convey a recognisable image and can be interpreted in any way. A lot are a collection of shapes, colours, texture and lines that make a pleasing painting but somehow lack substance. Others get right to the heart of our emotions; they can create a distinct feeling within ourselves. This artwork draws us and converses with us, it is personal, we are interpreting it in our own way. It does not happen for every abstract painting we ever view, only a few paintings seriously engage anyone. And of course some figurative art is also engaging but usually for reasons that are more clearly understandable.

I paint abstract paintings with a powerful emotion. Some may call it a semi abstract painting but who cares what it is called? My only objective is to capture a feeling that engages you, intrigues you, mystifies you and makes you think. To do this I will paint anything in any way, at the moment it is coming out as abstract or semi abstract art. 

What is "original" art?...  The original painting is more than the one the artist painted, took down from the easel and placed against the wall. It must be original in its concept, the artist's own idea created in their own way. My art is truly original. The painting is unique, you will never have seen it before and you will not see copies. If you buy my art this is what you will own - a genuine original painting, guaranteed. It is my own idea, my unique creation, not a fashionable trendy painting that is just like all those others, or a close, thinly disguised replica of someone else's work. I paint my way not for the marketplace but for the individual who appreciates originality.


Alan Brain Art
guaranteed original paintings supplied by the artist